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The introduction of a new puppy into a reactive multi-dog household

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The first thing I had to do was setup the house so that it would be easy to keep Austyn and Kayden separated but still be exposed minimally (and safely) to each other.  I put two crates up: one in the living room (upstairs) and one in our bedroom (downstairs). I want to be able to have the puppy with us when we are enjoying family time in the heavily trafficked living room as well as taking full advantage of exposing the two dogs at the most quietest time of the day: at bedtime.

The other piece was deciding where Austyn was going to be able to play with his toys and my other dogs in the house without being secluded. We have a huge backyard so the outdoor environment didn’t concern me. The indoor environment did. We live in a ranch style house but the rooms within are very small.

Austyn has two spaces where he plays: the kitchen, separated by a baby gate with smaller holes, which works extremely well since it is right off of the main dining room and the larger area downstairs where I also train the other dogs. The other thing that I like about the kitchen is that the door leads directly outside to help to improve Austyn’s housetraining abilities.

In the van, we have set Austyn’s crate up beside Lizzie-T’s, which is kitty corner from Kayden. So, again, Kayden is being exposed to the baby at an angle and not “head-to-head.”

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